Update 0.13.6 released!

Update 0.13.6 released!

Finally a new official update! It took us a bit longer than usual. The team has not been sitting around idly but instead has been bug hunting for weeks. We had to deal with the now infamous “Black Screen” bug and with some annoying performance issues. While our work on those are not completely finished yet, the team has managed to help many people with a few quick-fix updates we’ve been doing behind the scenes. With the project again in a more stable state, we are ready to continue with the regular updates.


  • Added 3 new IDRA track elements.
  • Added an “additional weight” slider to your frame “edit” options.
  • Weight value in the Workbench can now be displayed as both imperial and metric standards.
  • Removed the unused “receiver” category from the Workbench.
  • Improved checkpoint toggle tool in the Track builder.
  • Fixed an issue with the Early Access Overlay in the main menu.
  • Cleaned up The Hangar C03 level by improving some art assets (no more floaty containers).
  • Added analytics for Input devices (backend).
  • Minor performance optimisations.

Weight slider

Maybe the biggest addition in this update is the new weight slider in the Worbench. We’ve added this feature because so far we did not take into account that the total weight of your setup is not only defined by the combined weight of your frame and parts, but also by all kinds of doohickeys like screws, zip-ties, tape, foam and other random things people use to construct a setup.  We want to reflect this reality in Liftoff by giving you the option to add some undefined weight to your setup.  To keep everything within a vaguely realistic range, we’ve limited this to 1kg, but that’s plenty of weight to play around with. You can access this slider under the edit tab of your frame. We are happy to find out how you feel about this new feature. Thank you!