Update 0.13.4 released!

Update 0.13.4 released!

Liftoff is known to provide some of the best multiplayer experiences in the FPV sim world, and with 0.13.4 it only gets better!
See (and hear) you on the race track!


  • Multiplayer: added voice chat.
  • Multiplayer: added option to change room host.
  • Added voice chat settings to the Audio options.
  • Introduced a manual calibration option to the calibration system.
  • Upgraded the input system (slight performance increase).
  • Added Gyro Monitor to visualise drone setup performance (press F9).
  • Fixed crash issue in track editor.
  • Minor bugfixes.

Voice chat

Players can now talk to each other over voice-chat in Multiplayer, making our online experience even more social than before. Want to help a new player get started? Smack talk your opponents? Figure out what the next track should be? Take the mic and let yourself be heard!
No worries, we also included mute options for everyone for emergencies. 😉

Gyro Monitor

We’ve added a visualization of the quad’s gyro sensor. This is a tool for those who love PID-tuning, and are looking for the perfect quad setups. Notice shaking, but not sure where it’s coming from? Look at the gyro data to see which axis is acting up. The visualization can be shown by pressing F9, and graphs are colored Red (Roll), Pink (Pitch) and Yellow (Yaw). This visualisation tool will better help you understand your flight results.

Reintroducing Manual Calibration

The big input revamp that was introduced in update 0.12.0 is a great success. Calibrating your input device is easier than ever and has a higher success rate. Unfortunately we identified some exceptions to that rule: some input devices and dongles don’t play along that well. That’s why we are reintroducing “Manual calibration” to Liftoff, hopefully providing you with an additional calibration tool in case of need.

Manual calibration will help in most cases where the automatic process does not work. During manual calibration you get an overview of all inputs (axes) that we detect from your controller. You can select which input to link to which drone control (pitch, roll, yaw, throttle) and change the behavior of the input.

Black screen bug

Some of you experience a black screen bug on Windows.
Short: reinstalling the game should fix the issue.

What’s going on?
When releasing the Windows 64bit version of the game, Steam would have automatically updated your game to use this version instead of the usual 32bit version that was provided by us before. However, this caused some issues for certain users where the game seems to crash after viewing the start-up screen with the logo’s coming by. This is due to the Steam plugin not being updated properly when switching versions of the game.

With version 0.13.4 we decided to remove the 64bit version of the game to further investigate crashing issues. This means that players using the 64bit version of the game are not put back on 32bit, causing the Steam plugin to wreck havoc once again.