Update 0.12.4 released!

Update 0.12.4 released!

When we released the new input and calibration system as part the 0.12.0 Milestone update last Monday, we knew we took a risky step. These systems are core functionality that enable you to play the game and could be game-breaking if they don’t work as expected. For this reason we had made earlier versions of these systems available for testing months before. The feedback we got from you was positive and the community encouraged us to move forwards and push these changes to the main version of the game. While some issues did appear after release, overall we consider the Milestone update to be a success! The majority of players experience no issues and noticed the big improvements that this update introduced. Of course, we have not been blind to those who did experience some issues.

Releasing this big update on Monday was not an accident. It gave us the rest of the week for fully focussing on tweaking and polishing these new features, and that’s exactly what we did. We released a quickfix update each and every day of the week, bringing our current version number to 0.12.4. We’ve decided to collect the results and information of these updates into one development blogpost.

Changelist 0.12.2

  • Fixed additional issue where some controllers could not be saved
  • Minor input bugfixes and quality of life improvements

Changelist 0.12.3

  • Fixed issue with saved keyboard bindings not loading correctly.
  • Fixed issue with saving button bindings when no controller is connected.
  • Fixed oversized controller popup.
  • Fixed track builder issue where custom tracks could not be edited.
  • Fixed drone creation issue where pressing the ‘New drone’ button wouldn’t do anything.
  • Fixed messed up loading content panel.
  • Fixed issue with the player activity indicator in multiplayer.
  • Added a pop-up when joining a tournament to review the tournament rules at least once.

Changelist 0.12.4

  • Input finetuning can now also be done before the calibration process.
  • Zero point no longer influences UI navigation.
  • Added 5 NEXXblades track elements.
  • Added 3 Conrad track elements.
  • Added 4 DCL track elements.


More input improvements in the works!

Still in our to-do list is the reintroduction of detecting multiple input devices at once, and allowing you to pick one over the other. We suspect this might solve some of the reports about controller or remotes not being recognised. The game currently picks the first input device that your operating system can provide. This means that, rather than picking your preferred remote or controller, the game might use an unused input device to get its input data from the player.

We’ll continue to monitor the community channels for feedback and reports!