Milestone Update 0.12.0 Released!

Milestone Update 0.12.0 Released!

We want to bring an end to the struggle of getting your controller to work. We’re using a system that can automatically detect when a controller is plugged in, and for well-known controllers we will provide default settings. With update 0.12.0 we hope to achieve these goals!


  • Faster and more intuitive calibration process.
  • Complete visual revamp of the calibration system.
  • Switches are now bindable to actions in game (you might need to enable the switch on your controller).
  • Walking and looking keys are now rebindable.
  • Allow changing FOV and Camera Angle in flight.
  • Autodetect controllers (for now: Taranis, Turnigy Evolution, FS-i6S, DualShock 4 and Xbox One Controller).
  • Taranis (and possibly other remotes) now work without having to change the axes to half range.
  • Controllers can be seamlessly connected and disconnected in-game.
  • Making navigating UI using buttons more consistent.
  • Better movement when walking in the track editor or Freeflight mode.
  • Minor bugfixes

New calibration system

Remotes such as the Taranis will work out of the box, without changing settings on the remote or calibrating in game. Controllers that we do not provide default settings for can be calibrated using our new, user friendly, calibration too. This update also gives you the ability to use all of those switches on your remotes. You can assign a switch to any action in game such as changing flight mode or reset. As an added bonus we will also support hot-plugging, meaning controllers can be swapped in and out in-game.

For other controllers, we have the new calibration tool. Just follow the streamlined instructions and you should be ready for flight in less than a minute. Saved calibrations will be loaded automatically next time the controller is plugged in.
For now we are not supporting reassigning buttons, either from keyboard or from the remote. This will be ready for testing soon.

Special notes!

Taranis users:

If you use a Taranis that is setup to work with the previous version of Liftoff (meaning settings are changed to use half of the range) you should create a new profile. We’ve set it up to work with the default values so that a new Taranis will work out of the box from now on!

Linux user:

The pre-calibration process is still necessary for you. We wrote a detailed guide here!

SmartPropoPlus users:

We’ve succesfully tested the new input with SmartPropoPlus. While it works, it may cause issues with other controllers (we had issues with Taranis after installing). Let us know if you have similar issues with this.