Liftoff players going professional!

Liftoff players going professional!

That simulators are the perfect tool to learn how to fly an FPV drone is a well known fact… but does it help you to become good at it? No doubt!
We have an exciting story to share with you, to prove once and for all that Liftoff is the magic ingredient to push you in the direction of greatness. Liftoff players are now considered to be among the best pilots in the world and we couldn’t be more proud of our community!

Liftoff pilots are Rebels!

A few months ago Richard Kennedy  got in contact with us and told us about his friend Michael Tseng who would be participating in an exciting primetime FPV competition. Both gentlemen are long-time Liftoff enthusiasts and are better known by the community as Rambozo.fpv and Control.fpv. Michael would be racing in the DHL Champions Series from DR1 as part of the Team Rebel. When Richard asked us if we would be willing to support team Rebel, we didn’t hesitate to say YES!  Liftoff is now the top sponsor for Team Rebel and we are happy to support these amazing pilots!

See them in action here!

About DR1 Racing

DR1 Racing is the world leader in drone racing. DR1 combines top pilots and exhilarating locations into a high-octane racing event series, produced and distributed on a global scale.  Currently, DR1 events are broadcast in over 100 countries around the world. DR1 quickly has become a leading drone racing franchise in a rapidly growing market.

The top five teams in the world compete across six epic outdoor locations to determine who is the best in the world, airing Worldwide on Eurosport, Fox Sports, and CBS.



Michael Tseng (aka Control.fpv) is becoming a big name in the FPV world and his performance on DR1 shows exactly why!
Michael has been a Liftoff player since the start and in his words has used Liftoff to learn FPV racing and become a pro at it. He’s been training in Liftoff every day consistently, building up hundreds of hours of stick time. Furthermore, he’s also been an active promoter of Liftoff as a training tool and has been an amazing community member.  You might have seen him stream Liftoff for hours on Facebook and Twitch. Make sure to check out his channels!

We can’t wait to see what he, and other top Liftoff pilots accomplish in the future!