Experimental Branch: Input system update

Experimental Branch: Input system update

We’ve brought the Experimental Branch (EB) with the new input and calibration  system back up to date with the main branch of Liftoff.  Those of you who have been playing on the Experimental Branch now have access to the latest content. Not only that, we’ve also added a lot of improvements that many of our players have been asking for (see below). Our plan is to merge all these changes with the main version of te game very soon, we hope you can help us test this out one more time!

More improvements

We are not just bringing the EB up-to-date with the main version, we are adding many improvements as wel!

  • In the new version we’ve redone the way we determine which inputs to listen to. This means that there should be fewer conflicts between keys. You’ll now be able to change the camera angle and FOV during flight, even after arming. There should also be no more changing FOV when navigating menus or chatting.
  • We’ve also made some quality-of-life improvements throughout the whole game. You’ll be able to navigate back in the level select using keyboard or controller. Selecting a menu item in the main menu will automatically place the cursor on the first option within that item (No more: select race, Enter, Enter, sigh, Down, Enter).
  • Walking around in the track builder or in free flight should be much more controllable. Consider this to be a first step in our goal to improve the tools for track builders.
  • For now we have a couple of controllers (Taranis, Turnigy Evolution, XBox, Playstation) that are automatically detected and have all settings configured right out of the box. We will be adding more later. For other controllers you can still do the calibration. If you were using the Taranis in the main version of the game, you’ll want to undo the adjustments that were formerly required to run Liftoff and configure it to once again use its full range (weight and offset no longer need to be changed).
  • Successful test with smartpropoplus. However we need more feedback on this. If you use smartpropoplus let us know if this works with the new system. We did some testing and while it did work, it messed up our other controllers (we couldn’t use Taranis via USB anymore after installing smartpropoplus). We need to know how it works for you!

What is the EB and how can I get it?

A dedicated blogpost about the Experimental Branch (EB), and instructions on how to get it can be found here: Experimental Branch information & instructions

Important: Feedback required!   (really!)

Since there are some big changes under the hood, we would love to get your feedback! Does your controller work? Do all inputs work? Do you ever get stuck with no input registering? Can you reassign joysticks and buttons? Any other issues?
Getting feedback on this is really important and will help us merge these changes with the main version of the game. We appreciate your help!