Update 0.10.10 released!

Update 0.10.10 released!

Update 0.10.10 is a pure labor of love. It fixes a long lasting issue with hit detection and collision behaviour, greatly improving the gameplay experience, and it adds an exciting new frame that we are sure everyone will love: the Talon by Karearea!


  • Added Talon frame by Karearea
  • Fixed issue with collision detection (finally!)
  • Fixed texture issue with Vortex 285
  • Fixed issue that allowed you to save drone setups with conflicting parts

Talon by Karearea

A while ago we discovered the Talon by Karearea and fell in love. This frame looks badass and its aggressive looks also translate well to flight characteristics. This frame is all about limiting drag and excels at doing exactly that thanks to the aerodynamic design.  It doesn’t tend to raise altitude in corners because of the vertical arm position. It falls down from the sky faster than normal frames on zero throttle because it has much less drag.  It corners tighter because there is drag on the side of the arms (vertical arms) instead of the front. This leads to the quad not drifting away from the corner when turning. It accelerates faster than normal frames because of much less drag. It is more efficient because there is no air bouncing back to the propellers (vertical arms). We love it!

Drone collision improvements

This update fixes a huge issue that has been plaguing the game for a while now: drones sticking to surfaces. Since this has been a long standing issue, and some of you might wonder why this wasn’t fixed earlier, we wrote a blogpost explaining the issue, the challenges and the solution we provide in this update.. As is often the case, things that seem easy, can be quite complex behind the scenes.

We are excited to share some of our thought processes with you and we can’t wait to get your feedback on the new drone collision improvements.

Read all about it here!