Update 0.10.8 released!

Update 0.10.8 released!

The last few weeks we have been in contact with the great people at Teal to bring you all the Teal Sport drone in Liftoff. When we first saw it, we fell in love with its unique looks: all shiny, clean design, small little details to highlight its organic design, animated LEDS… it’s just fancy! We immediately knew this drone should be available in Liftoff and luckily the team at Teal shared the same vision.

In addition to the new drone, we’ve added some new parts to go along with it: an antenna, a motor, a propeller and some new cameras. Last but not least: what better way to test out a new drone than by trying it on a new track? Once again we release a new official track designed by the beloved DerHonk, to give Minus Two some extra love.  Enjoy!


  • Added Teal Sport frame
  • Added 2 new cameras
  • Added 1 new antenna
  • Added a new motor variation
  • Added a new type of propeller
  • Added the Teal Sport setup as a new Blueprint
  • Added new official track to Minus Two (by DerHonk)
  • Prevented the use of certain invalid characters for Liftoff Pro League usernames
  • Fixed issue where some checkpoints did not completely cover a gate area
  • Minor bugfixes