Update 0.10.7 in memory of Blue Falcon!

Update 0.10.7 in memory of Blue Falcon!

Update 0.10.7 is an update dedicated to the community. We celebrate two beautiful people, Christian Schweda (DerHonk) who has become a respected track creator for Liftoff  and the famous JC Culpepper (Project Blue Falcon) who shared his wisdom and passion for the sport but sadly passed away last week.


  • Added new Blue Falcon skin for the Le Hyphy frame dedicated to JC Culpepper
  • Added new official Straw Bale and Pine Valley tracks and races designed by DerHonk
  • Fixed issue with mouse cursor being visible during play
  • Fixed issue that prevented you from changing camera angle in-game

Project Blue Falcon

About a week ago Liftoff was featured on the Project Blue Falcon channel run by JC Culpepper. JC seemed to really enjoy it and the team was excited to see Liftoff featured on a great channel. Soon after the video appeared on his channel, we were contacted by some of our community members who told us JC had just passed away. This is very sad news:  JC was a much respected Youtube content creator, dedicated to sharing his passion for FPV racing. He will be missed greatly by everyone!  All love and sympathy to JC’s family and friends.

New official tracks by DerHonk

DerHonk doesn’t need an introduction. Anyone who has played multiplayer or downloaded tracks from the Steam Workshop has come across his amazing track creations. It’s fair to say the team at LuGus Studios is a huge fan of his work. Players are as excited about seeing one of his track being released as about the official updates for the game, which says a lot!  Seeing how DerHonk plays such a huge role providing great content for Liftoff, we decided to make it official. For the last few weeks DerHonk has been hard at work creating new official tracks for Liftoff. In our 0.10.7 update we are releasing two of these tracks: one in Straw Bale and one in Pine Valley. His tracks follow the design rules set by the team, and focus on clean visuals and a nice flow, with both technical and speedy sections. While these official tracks won’t be as fantastical and over-the-top as some of his hobby creations, you can rest assured, he’s also still making and sharing those on a regular basis on the Steam Workshop!