Update 0.10.2 released!

Update 0.10.2 released!

Upgrading to the latest version of the Unity engine was a risky move. Each time we upgrade the engine,  everything that once worked could be broken. During internal testing we had been able to identify and fix a lot of issues, however after the 0.10.1 update the community showed us we had some more work to do.  This update is all about fixing annoying bugs introduced by our engine upgrade.


  • Fixed chat bar in multiplayer race results screen
  • Fixed join room by name input field
  • Fixed the main menu community links
  • Fixed tournament gold bar to not appear before the end of the tournament
  • Tournament winner gold bar sticks to the bottom of the screen now
  • Fixed issue in the key binding popup that would struggle to register a new key
  • Added a dropdown menu to select a target display in the graphics menu
  • Added option to alter resolution from the player’s config file instead of going through a registry edit. Changing the resolution from the config file is applied in the splash screen.
  • Linux users: a pre-calibration pop-up has been added to the input calibration menu. A link to a guide to restore your remote’s functionality is available there.


Resolution issues?

We noticed some players love to experiment with exotic screen resolutions and screen setups, especially considering the use of FPV goggles to play Liftoff. In some cases, some settings might make things hard to get back to normal. If, for some reason you can’t seem to restore your resolution to a desired value, you can change 2 values inside System.xml found in the game’s Config folder. The 2 relevant fields here are: resolutionWidth and resolutionHeight. Setting these fields will set the resolution to your desired values upon the next restart of the game

How to find the System.xml file:

  • Windows: Liftoff_Data -> Config
  • MacOS: Right click on -> Show Package Contents -> Contents -> Config
  • Linux: Liftoff_Data -> Config


Linux issues

When Liftoff got updated to version 0.10.1, it received an engine upgrade under the hood. For Windows and MacOS, this upgrade went mostly seamless, but Linux users that train with an RC remote will have noticed that their remotes weren’t giving input any longer to the game. The underlying cause for this change is that, with the engine upgrade, SDL2 is now part of the input stack for controllers. This library is mainly aimed at existing game controllers with a fairly standard layout for axes and buttons. However, RC remotes rarely adhere to such a game controller standard (heck, there isn’t even a standard among RC remotes themselves…), and as a result, don’t work out of the box any longer.

The team has written a dedicated guide related to this issue. This guide will pace you through the software needed and steps to take to get your controllers working again. At the end, if you got your controller working again and are feeling generous, you can share your result with the Liftoff development team to ease the pain of others that are in the same situation as you. As there are almost an endless amount of different controllers out there, no one can pre-calibrate them all, but your result can help others.

Furthermore we’ve also temporary created a branch allowing Linux users to return to the 0.10.0 version for a short while. This branch is called “linux0.10.0” and is only for Linux users. We considered to be a temporary alternative. To get access to the linux0.10.0 branch you have to change some “Properties” settings on Steam. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Right click on Liftoff in your Steam Library
  • Click Properties
  • In the Properties menu, click the “BETAS” tab