Milestone 0.10.0 released!

Milestone 0.10.0 released!

Our 10th Milestone update is finally ready. Coincidentally, it’s also the 50th update since our first Early Access release! As this is likely our update with the biggest amount of changes, we hope it doesn’t disappoint. This update has been created together with you, the community, and is the result of months of developing, tweaking and testing. Included: new flight behaviour, Betaflight-inspired FC settings, new frame, many fixes and so much more!


With an update this cool a regular changelist wouldn’t be very fitting. That’s why we decided to created two changelists, because two is always better than one!

Flight behaviour changes

  • Updated calculations for lift and RPM
  • Changing drone parts now has more predictable results
  • Updated aerodynamic effects: drag, ground effects, propwash, …
  • Updated calculations of drone setup surface area
  • Propellers now influence cornering behaviour
  • Updated flight controller to work with Betaflight values
  • New flight controller settings window inspired by Betaflight
  • Updated stick response for pitch, roll and yaw
  • New presets for flight controller, created by VINCBEE
  • Increased physics simulation speed for more stable results
  • Updated propeller parts to have the correct diameter (no more clipping through frames)
  • Changed FOV selection: now provides direct angle selection instead of predefined lens sizes
  • Showing speed during flight in HUD

Other changes and additions

  • Added VINCBEE frame
  • Added X-Storm motor
  • Added new 5×4 propellers
  • Added VINCBEE Blueprint setup
  • Top 3 race times in Singleplayer are now stored per race.  Adjusted the screen at the end of a race accordingly.
  • Menu panels now fade at the edges. Should be easier for new player to find out more content can be found by scrolling to the right.
  • Player’s color icon in multiplayer rooms has been fixed to be smaller again.
  • Fixed lighting in main menu
  • Changed the level selection menu to use dynamic backgrounds instead of a static image
  • Single lap ghost drone now uses the same setup as the player
  • Added a golden banner in LPL on finished tournaments, highlighting the winner.
  • Improved backend system performance. Online features should load faster now.
  • Reset all race results from the leaderboards
  • Wipe your fleet collection
  • Added a (one time) information popup in the fleet window.
  • Minor bugfixes.


Big thanks!

While its fair to say we have all of you to thank for reaching this point, there’s some people especially who we want to highlight. First of all we have been honored with a visit from Tony Cake and Chad Nowak. They both have been crucial in helping us get started with some major changes to the way our flight behaviour works internally. Of course feedback from community members and friends like Frederic Giacomaggi who visited us, have been a great support to us.

Additionally, it was that the help from our friend and personal hero, VINCBEE, that made the biggest difference in getting Liftoff to where it is right now. Every week for the last 3 months, he’s been coming to the studio to advise, brainstorm and test out each new internal development version. It bears mentioning that his contribution has been so big, that if everything turns out to be wrong, he’s responsible for it! As a little quid pro quo, we’ve added his own personal VINCBEE frame to the game. Enjoy!