Attention: Big changes incoming!

Attention: Big changes incoming!

We want to thank all of you who tested the latest experiments on the Experimental Branch and sent us feedback. After months of working on changes for the flight behaviour we’ve finally reached a point where everyone wants to see these changes being part of the main version of the game. This was the reaction we had been hoping for and we consider this to be a “go” from the community to introduce these big changes to the game. Thank you!

Changing up the flight behaviour and physics has a big impact on the game and consequently will affect anything related to it. Flying in Liftoff will feel like a new game and should be considered a fresh start. As a result, we want to inform you that for the first time in Liftoff development we will be resetting a couple of systems.

We are readying our next milestone update (0.10.0) that will introduce all these changes. Update 0.10.0 will be a point of no return. It’s important to know that this is a drastic change to how the game works internally and switching back to old systems is not a possibility. Because of this big change, we felt it was important to include the community in making these decisions.  You’ve made clear you want these changes to be part of the main game and we are excited about that! 🙂

Allowing the community to test a development version of the game (EB) and help us decide when to add changes to the main version allowed you once more to direct the future of the project. We are proud of being able to do this and we feel this is the only good way to do Early Access development!

Important changes!

It’s important to be aware that pushing these changes to the main version of the game will be considered a fresh start. We’ll be resetting the following game systems:

  • New Flight Behaviour and physics
  • Completely new way of tuning setups
  • All your old fleet setups will be obsolete and as a result will get wiped in 0.10.0
  • All leaderboard results will be wiped as they don’t represent a correct race result in 0.10.0