Update 0.9.2 released!

Update 0.9.2 released!

While the Liftoff team is hard at work on future content and big features, update 0.9.2 is a small update focusing on polish and some additional fixes.


  • Added race checkpoint direction indicator (clamps onto screen edges). Should be easier to find checkpoints now.
  • Added tournament status indicator in the LPL lobby. Live tournaments are tagged with a green indicator.
  • Tournaments now are sorted in the LPL lobby based on activity status. Relevant tournaments are found on the left.
  • Added a text ticker in tournament rooms, adding additional news information to each tournament.
  • Fixed asphalt assets in Hannover to have correct collisions.
  • Small optimisation improvements for Hannover environment.
  • Fixed issue with time zone conversion in tournaments.
  • Minor bugfixes


Alternative Facts

Our announcement of the Liftoff The Service was posted on the International Holiday of Alternative Facts. While in 2017 this day was more relevant than ever, it’s fair to say this service will only be in effect on the first of April of each year.