CeBIT 2017 Tournament results

CeBIT 2017 Tournament results

It’s been an amazing week!

The whole Liftoff team traveled to Hannover in Germany for a week and had a great time showing off Liftoff to tech enthusiast and meeting hundreds of Liftoff fans at CeBIT 2017. For the fans at home, there was the CeBIT 2017 tournament to participate in. The reactions, feedback, but most of all the race results have been astounding!


A big congratulation to every Liftoff Pro League pilot involved. The first tournament was not just about getting the best race time, but also about helping us test out our new platform and features. Your participation, feedback and your enthusiasm are exactly what we needed.

Of course a tournament is a competition too and everyone has been fighting for that elusive place at the top of the tournament leaderboard. Being at CeBIT I was not able to compete, but it’s fair to say that the winner has halved my personal best time during my tryouts in Hannover *blush*.

A big congratulations to our top 3 pilots!

#1    Haegon              (1:35:183)

#2    DrKnoT             (1:36:208)

#3   Control.fpv        (1:37:759)



We tremendously excited with the results of the CeBIT 2017 tournament. As the winner of the first Liftoff Pro League tournament, Haegon will be sent one of these awesome Liftoff hoodies!

Want to find out who Haegon is? Make sure to check out his Facebook page and personally congratulate him on his victory:


Evolving experience

The first tournament has been a great learning experience for the dev team. Our backend system performed great and the basis for the tournament gameplay has been cemented. However, we also see a lot of room for improvement.  We noticed a lot of confusion among the top competitors about some of the race results and eventually the results all seem to come down to having the ultimate setup to fly with. While we think looking for the right setup is part of the whole Liftoff experience we feel it should not be the only decisive factor for winning a tournament.

We are conceptualizing some new gameplay elements that will change the way you compete in these tournaments and races in general. We are looking at gameplay concepts that are both immersive and realistic, but also bring some additional tactical and dynamic skills to the table. Going full throttle the whole race should not be the only way to win. While nothing is set in stone yet, we are thinking of power and battery management.  We’ll keep you informed!