New flight behaviour available on EB

New flight behaviour available on EB

A week ago the team at LuGus Studios launched the Experimental Branch (EB) on Steam, a separate optional branch of the game, available to the public for testing purposes.  The main reason for launching the EB is to have a safe testing environment for our work on the flight behaviour and physics code in Liftoff. Today the team did a huge update to this experimental version of the game and we are happy to invite you all to test it out!


The focus of this EB update:

  • Drag/aerodynamics
  • Updated pitch, roll and yaw curves
  • Rebuilt flight controller to have the same internal working as betaflight
  • Updated calculations for thrust
  • Added some Vincbee magic!

Liftoff has always worked in the same way as a real flight controller; we get inputs, settings and sensor data, pass them to the flight controller for processing and we send the resulting output to the motors. This way of working gives us a lot of flexibility and, in combination with this update, allows us to get similar functionality as Betaflight in our game engine.

We now have the similar curves, PID settings and general behaviour as Betaflight. We’re also running the simulator at a higher speed to get a more stable and predictable behaviour.
Besides this we have looked extensively at the physics side of the simulator. We have a new model for drag which should give drones a much better feel. “Floatiness” should be much reduced compared the the previous versions and we have more control while cornering. We updated our calculations for thrust and, while not perfect, they are much closer to reality now.

Feedback is key!

We want to get these changes out to the main version of the game as soon as the community feels we are ready for it. That’s why we need your feedback, suggestions and vision! Join our dedicated Experimental Branch forums on Steam and share your wisdom with the devteam!