Liftoff Pro League announced!

Liftoff Pro League announced!

In November 2016 we wrote about our vision for Liftoff to be an e-sports game. That vision is now slowly becoming reality.  Today we are happy to announce the Liftoff Pro League as an additional service!

The Liftoff Pro League is an initiative to help turn the top Liftoff players into professional Liftoff pilots. For those inspired to make a name in the drone racing world, racing in Liftoff will be as much a career choice as flying a real drone.  The Liftoff Pro League will help you become a professional player by offering a service completely integrated in Liftoff.

A growing service

Our plans will take off in March 2017 with the release of the very first integrated Liftoff tournament, available on the Liftoff Pro League service. What you’ll see in the first update is just the tip of the iceberg. The iceberg, in this case, is a robust and scaleable platform that will expand over the coming months to provide everything a professional player would need: different types of tournaments, bracket systems, options to organize your own tournaments,  rewards and prizes, player progression and so much more.

The first features are expected to be available in the CeBIT update later this week!

How to become a Liftoff Pro League pilot?

Simply go to the Liftoff Pro League tab in the multiplayer section, create a LPL account and start competing in tournaments. Your personal account will store your race results for Liftoff and any future Liftoff related projects. Eventually you’ll be able to create your own tournaments, subscribe to others, participate in league rankings and win awesome prizes.

CeBIT 2017 Tournament

Together with the launch of this system, we are proud to reveal the first Pro League Tournament: CeBIT 2017.  This first tournament allows you to test your mettle as a soon-to-be competing pilot and offers us the opportunity to test the new core systems.

The tournament will be available in the Liftoff Pro League section of the game and will run from the 18th to the 24th of March. More info to come in the next days!