With close to 50 updates during Early Access, development is slowly coming to an end… right? Wrong!  As we continue working on the project we constantly expand the vision of the project based on your feedback and suggestions. Thanks to your continuous support, we can keep improving and expanding the game. We have plans for many months of development still ahead of us.


  • Added recolorable propellers
  • Added option to customize propeller colours individually or all at once
  • Added option to automatically skip goggle animation
  • Updated lipo artwork to look better and more realistic
  • Added AmpAge 4S Lipo (perfect for Vortex 150 Mini)
  • Updated list of tips in the loading screen
  • Updated Early Access popup message at start
  • Tweaked total weight of Vortex 150 Mini
  • Tweaked some blueprint PID settings
  • Small changes to pause menu
  • Fixed bug with black screen when editing flight controller settings on a blueprint
  • Minor bugfixes

Changing prop colors

Work on the new Workbench is not yet completely finished. With this update we add the option to choose the color of your propellers in the Workbench, to allow for even more visual customization. So what is this useful for? Of course it’s an extra option to make your drone look even more unique and show off in races. There’s also a very practical reason for doing this. As our community keeps growing, so are the number of pilots who use Liftoff to practice LOS flight (press “B” in Free Flight).  Using different colors for front and back propellers helps you get a better feel for direction.