Update 0.8.2 released!

Update 0.8.2 released!

Fixes, features and content, 0.8.2 should be love at first sight with a new frame, 3D flight mode, support for exotic screen resolutions and much more.


  • Added 3D flight mode
  • (Hopefully) Fixed propellers breaking at start
  • New frame: Sleek
  • Improved LED visualization in workbench
  • Ultra-wide resolution support
  • Fixed menu bar slideout
  • Fixed UI inconsistencies
  • Minor bugfixes

3D flight mode

No more are you limited to Level and Acro mode in Liftoff, you now have access to 3D flight mode by pressing the default “A” key in-game.
3D is an advanced flight mode, perfect for freestyle and stunts but hard to master. As with all new features in Liftoff we are always looking for good feedback. Are you an experienced 3D pilot, let us know how we can further improve this new flight mode!

The Sleek

In 0.8.1 we introduced you to the Aether from designer Sander Nysten, for 0.8.2 we introduce another one of his frames: The Sleek. The Sleek is a playful experimental frame design for recreational flight. Its definitely one of the most flashy frames, yet has its limitations. It’s fixed camera position will not appeal to all racers, however its the perfect frame for 3D flying.

This is what Sander wanted to share about his design:

The Sleek frame was conceptualized with the aim of creating a low-profile 210-sized racer that could easily be flown at night. The bottom plate is a carbon fiber and acrylic sandwich allowing light from internal LEDs to be refracted along the outer edges. The electronics are mounted in a rugged 3D-printed pod and covered with an aluminum top plate doubling as an additional heatsink for the video transmitter.