Update 0.8.1 released!

Update 0.8.1 released!

We hope you all had great holidays!  With 0.8.1 we release the first update for 2017, including bug fixes and a all new x-frame to fly with.


  • Added Aether frame
  • Added 5 new propellers
  • Fixed issue with saving flight controller settings of blueprint setups in flight
  • Fixed some drone setups getting stuck in ground
  • Fixed issue with ghost data not working
  • Changed “start game” button to “join game” button in free flight multiplayer
  • Changed color picking functionality in multiplayer waiting room. Last picked color remains active
  • Changed “My Fleet” icon
  • Fixed minor bugs

Aether frame

The Aether is a new 220-sized x-frame created by community member Sander Nysten. This is what he had to say about the design of the frame:

Aether was designed with the objective of creating an innovative, aesthetically pleasing and compact drone that could be easily and cheaply manufactured with the use of consumer grade CNC-machines such as a 3D-printer. The result is a sleek, 220-sized drone consisting of an exceptionally sturdy 3D-printed shell and a beefy bottom plate in either plywood or carbon fiber.

As Aether is based on my specific, personal preferences, I will freely share the design files in the near future to anyone looking to tweak or customize the design to their own likings. By sharing my designs, I allow pilots to make and build their own real-life versions of the frames!