Milestone 0.8.0 released!

Milestone 0.8.0 released!

Finally! 4 Months of behind-the-scenes work to revamp a single feature of the game. Yet, the scale and impact of this feature cannot be underestimated. We are happy to release the new Liftoff workbench, with more features and more parts to tinker with!



  • Added Drone Selection system: “Fleet” and “Blueprints”
  • Created new parts navigation system and interfaces in Workbench
  • Added Flight Controller Settings options to Workbench
  • Improved camera and zoom options in Workbench
  • Rework of all existing drone frames with new textures (to allow recoloring)
  • Added 3 new frames: Vortex 150, Mini, Borrum, Le Hyphy
  • Added Vortex Pro 275 variation (for Metall Danny skin)
  • Added 1 new propeler
  • Added 1 new motor
  • Added 3 action cams
  • Added 4 antennas
  • Added Frame skin system
  • Added option to edit  drone parts
  • Added color options and color picker for parts and frames
  • Added propellers animation in Workbench
  • Added some background assets that change depending on the active feature
  • Improved and reworked LED system
  • Removed Metall Danny and Ummagawd frames
  • Added Metall Danny and Ummagawd skins
  • Added small Rotor Riot secret 😉
  • Updated the multiplayer waiting room color picker
  • Overal refresh and realignment of main interface elements and menus.
  • Minor bugfixes.



Work in progress

As with every mayor feature, the new workbench is consider a work-in-progress and even with the update just out we are already working on the next updates for this feature.  What you can expect from the Workbench in the near future:

  • Completely fine-tuned presets and part statistics based on player feedback
  • Share functionality: your creation available on the Steam Workshop for everyone to download
  • Selecting your favourite setup just before a multiplayer race. (soon!)
  • More frames, more parts, more everything!


We are very keen on constructive feedback on the new parts, frames and presets. When you  send us feedback, please tell us exactly how things could be changed. Try to pinpoint the issue, give us numbers and directions to work with. Our flight behavior is a combination of dozens of systems working together, especially with these new drone parts. We are interested in getting focused suggestions. 🙂

What we are interested in:

  • Detailed feedback on the new parts, frames and presets added in 0.8.0.
  • How individual drone parts feel in the game: more weight? more power? drag?
  • How much you think something is off: often an estimatede percentage can help a lot to understand the report.
  • Try to avoid abstract measurements like “feels”, “snappy”, “floaty” and everything ending with “-ish”.
  • Reports that have ruled out any external factors.
  • Reports from the game running on the recommended system requirements.

We created a forum topic specifically dedicated to collecting 0.8.0 feedback.

The team at LuGus Studios wishes you all happy holidays! We celebrate by offering Liftoff at a 30% discount during the Steam Winter Sales!