Community Spotlight: JohnsonFPV

Community Spotlight: JohnsonFPV

Liftoff is a community and the game is a tool that brings us all together. It’s being shaped by some really cool people. Today we are happy to put one of our top players in the spotlight: JohnsonFPV


JohnsonFPV is a name well known in the community for hitting the top of the leaderboards. Tell us a bit more about the man behind the name.

My Name is Jonathan Buhler, I’m 27, and I work in construction, I’m an excavator operator precisely.
I’ve been playing FPS games for a long time but recently I discovered a fresh new hobby, FPV racing. I got my first quadcopter (Vortex 250 Pro) on 21st April 2016 and I’ve been in love ever since ! I have two other quads and a Tiny QX90 by now.
I would fly every day if I could  and I would love to make this my work!

How long have you been playing Liftoff? How did you discover it?

I’ve been playing Liftoff about 10 months. I was looking for a simulator on Steam to train in acro mode and to save a lot of money in repair costs :D.
Today I have racked up 350 hours of playing and no regrets! But with the next updates and the winter coming, I think that number will increase a lot. ^^

What’s your secret for flying so well in Liftoff? 

I think loving FPV Racing is the secret. This sport gives me incredible sensations!
The last secret: smoking gets you high 😉

You’ve created your own tracks. What’s your favorite and what is your design philosophy when creating them?

My favorite is JohnsonFPV Powerloop. I created this track to have my favorite gates structure for practicing tricks, one I see popping up more and more in real-world racing. 

What’s your favourite frame currently in the game?

My currently favorite is the UmmaGawd Vortex 250. But I’m so impatient to discover future frames !

Make a guess: if Liftoff were real life, how much money would the hours of flying (or crashing) have cost you?

Wow, in 350 hours… tons of props, li-po (and charging cost :D), frames, motors and lots of shoes for walking around to pick up the drone xD. Something like 30 000€ or more !

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