Digital Drone Challenge

Digital Drone Challenge

To all the talented Liftoff pilots out there, a exciting opportunity has arisen. We are happy to introduce you to an exciting, community driven tournament, called the Digital Drone Challenge. This is what the organiser of the event told us:

Digital Drone Challenge

We reveal  the first ever digital drone challenge (DDC) sponsored by Hobby Lab. There’s currently 64 racer spots available that will be filled randomly by people chosen at random a week before the race. This is done to allow for all levels of skill to compete for the prize without the need for qualifiers. Giving everyone the opportunity to feel the rush of flying for a prize.

The tournament participants will be chosen at random on September 24th 2016. Upon selection we will email the chosen participant and require them to confirm their entry. If after 3 days they haven’t we will select a new random participant to fill their spot. Along with the notification of their selection they will be given a Discord link that will get them into a room allowing us to coordinate the race efforts. We will also be posting the Heat sheet for the races.

The race will be single elimination with 0 qualifying rounds. If all pilots fail to complete the track the race will be re ran. The tournament track is Straw Bale as its the most universally accessible track for players, it will allow everyone to compete. Because we cannot check what load-outs the digital birds have we will make it a open class race. Any configuration and PID tuning will be allowed. All that is required is that they show up and participate in their heats.

What you can win:

The DDC organisation is allowing the participants to pick the prize setup. Either it will be one grand prize valued at $200 or prizes for the top three with a total value of $200. Obviously the prize will be fpv racing related.

What you must to do participate:

In order for a chance to participate, players must register at:

If you have any more questions feel free to contact the CCD organisation on the contact form or on facebook at:


The purpose of this blogpost is to communicate about this community run event. The Liftoff team is not part of the CCD organisation and is not responsible for the event. For questions, suggestions or remarks on the event we suggest to contact the DCC organisation directly.