Update 0.6.5 released!

Update 0.6.5 released!

Things are moving fast and Liftoff is getting closer to the vision we have for it. It’s just wonderful to start Liftoff, join a lobby and race with you guys. As with every update, 0.6.5 is the next step in adding content, fixing bugs and further fine-tuning our core features. We have many more things planned and Liftoff will continue to grow and evolve for months to come. For now, enjoy version 0.6.5!


  • Race position list added during race and spectator mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the player character was visible in LOS mode under certain conditions
  • Added UmmaGawd Special Edition Vortex 250 frame (more frames soon!)
  • Added 3 new antenna assets (eye candy)
  • Added new motor
  • Added 2 new batteries
  • Added new propeller
  • Fixed tutorial not starting (again?)

Race position list

As of 0.6.5 you can now see how you are doing in multiplayer during a race. A list of player icons on the right side of the screen will show your position and the pilots who have been eliminated. You can enable and disable this function by pressing Tab. This function also shows up in spectator mode, so now you’ll be able to get a quick overview of the current state of the race.


Last week we went to one of the biggest game events in the world! Gamescom was one of the most intense experiences we’ve had in our career as developers so far. It was stressy and tiresome but most of all exciting, fun and very rewarding. We can’t wait for next year!

We had multiple goals at Gamescom: we wanted to show the game press what Liftoff was all about and we wanted to talk to  game publishers and platform holders. That’s exactly what we did, and more! We managed to have about 35 meetings in 3 days’ time and we learned a lot. First of all, Liftoff is hot and everyone is excited about it! We also got in contact with some of the biggest and smartest people in the industry and were offered a lot of help.  More than ever we are excited about the future of Liftoff.

I would like to thank everyone involved in making the Belgian Games Pavilion happen. Gamescom wouldn’t have been amazing without the help of Kirsty, Amy and Michael from SwipeRight PR. Big thanks to community member Holly Kreie, for inviting us to the Intel and ESL booth, and giving us a place to play and talk about Liftoff in the middle of the entertainment area. We should not forget to thank Swen Vincke and his team from Larian for including us in their exciting Divinity Original Sin II news and of course a huge thanks to all the wonderful people who helped us out at the event, I’m sure we’ll be introducing more of them in the near future 😉 We have some cool announcements to make soon!