Update 0.6.4 released!

Update 0.6.4 released!

Update 0.6.4 is now available, right in time for Gamescom 2016! With this new update, we provide some much-requested functionality, especially with regard to multiplayer.


  • Multiplayer: Leaderboards for best overall and best lap times have been added for all built-in races.
  • Multiplayer: The waiting room in multiplayer now displays that race’s current top-ranking pilots in a text ticker.
  • Multiplayer: The Race Results screen will now display an asterisk by your name if you beat your own personal record.
  • Multiplayer: In the waiting room, players can now select a custom color to be displayed on their trail and LEDs.
  • Multiplayer: A race’s top 3 pilots will receive a gold, silver or bronze outline around their Steam profile picture in the waiting room.
  • Ground effects are now consistent across all environments, whereas before they only worked properly in Pine Valley, Straw Bale and Autumn Fields.
  • The Tutorial has been made available again. It will receive a proper work-over in the future.
  • Minor bug fixes.

I wanna be the very best

The Multiplayer section of the main menu is now home to the Leaderboards window. Here, you will see an overview of the best total times and best lap times for each of the built-in races. These leaderboards will be refreshed on a monthly basis, but previous months will be preserved and remain viewable in Steam. In a more condensed version, these results are also shown in the multiplayer waiting room. Version 0.6.4 also includes some other fun features for the more competive among you. For one, you can select your own unique player color in multiplayer or share a color with other pilots if you want to fly the team colors. You will also see an asterisk next to your name in the race results if you topped your personal best and skilled pilots will be rewarded with bronze, silver and gold outlines in the waiting room.

That’s why they’re called *ground* effects

Sometimes the devil is in the details. We recently discovered that the ground effects in our flight physics only took effect if the drone was over actual soil, as opposed to other surfaces such as concrete, tiles or a nicely manicured lawn. This meant that ground effects worked in Straw Bale, Pine Valley and Autumn Fields, but did nothing in Minus Two, Hangar C03, Liftoff Arena and The Drawing Board. Why that distinction was ever made in the first  is not entirely clear to us either. 😉

Gamescom is upon us

As mentioned earlier Liftoff will be having its very first multiplayer tournament for the duration of Gamescom. Read all about it here! During this period, there will also be a 30% discount on the Steam store. In case you are visiting Gamescom, make sure to visit Liftoff and LuGus Studios at the Belgian pavillion.

Linux version updated

The Linux build of the game has been updated to version 0.6.4. As you know, we can’t update the Linux version at the same rate as the PC and Mac version, so thanks for your patience!