First Liftoff Tournament announced!

First Liftoff Tournament announced!

To celebrate our presence at Gamescom, we are happy to announce the very first Liftoff tournament, which will run for the duration of Gamescom. You’ve all been competing in multiplayer against 4 other pilots, but now it’s your chance to show your worth competing against the whole of the Liftoff community.

At the end of Gamescom, the fastest pilot on the built-in Pine Valley race will win our very first Liftoff goodie bag. The tournament will run from 18/08 to 21/08 and will be closely followed by the Liftoff team. The top ranking pilot on the Pine Valley leaderboard at the end of the tournament will be the honored winner.


Our next update, to be released at the start of Gamescom, will include the much requested Leaderboards feature. Our leaderboards go beyond a simple list of top pilots: it’s a more complex game system that will be updated and improved upon in future updates. We’ll have “Top Race Time” and “Top Lap Time”, a list for all the official tracks, and your personal position data.

To keep things interesting, fresh leaderboards will be created on a monthly basis, allowing everyone to compete for the top ranking of the month. The winners of each month will be remembered in a “Hall of Fame” list and might enjoy some in-game rewards later too. A more concise representation of the leaderboards will also be shown as a text ticker in the multiplayer room, so you are always kept up-to-date while playing in your favourite room.

What’s in the Liftoff goodie bag?

The banner on top shows you exactly whats included: a cool Liftoff Shirt (L) a Liftoff branded USB card, two funky badges and of course the ever lasting glory of winning the first Liftoff Tournament! These Liftoff items are not available anywhere else at this point. Winning this tournament is the only way to get this awesome Liftoff collection.

Tournament rules

  • Anyone can participate! The only requirement is to own Liftoff on Steam.
  • The Tournament starts at the release of update 0.6.4 (expected: 17/08 – 18/08)
  • The Tournament will end on 21/08 at midnight Brussels time.
  • Only multiplayer “Top Race Time” counts as a result.
  • Only the PineValleyTrack01 results count.
  • God mode allowed.
  • Keep it fun, keep it friendly!
  • Feel free to share your results, stream your flights and discuss your race tactics on the official Liftoff community pages and forums.
  • Play fair, the development team will monitor every aspect of the tournament as closely as possible.
  • The Liftoff dev team has the right to disqualify any players for any reason they deem necessary.