Update 0.6.1 released

Update 0.6.1 released

When you release something as complex as multiplayer, as a developer you are prepared to pull all-nighters, not to play games, but to fix any of the hundreds of new systems that have to work flawlessly together to keep things working. Turns out our emergency plan and our coffee stockpile were left unused. Things seem to have worked out great! 😀

This first small multiplayer update further streamlines the experience. More updates to come!


  • Chatting is now possible in spectator mode
  • Option “allow god mode” in room creation.
  • Redesigned the room creation menu a bit.
  • Host name is shown in the lobby.
  • Host status is now highlighted in color in chat window.
  • Automatic kicking of room hosts who have been inactive for 5 minutes in public rooms.
  • Fixed scroll not showing up in the lobby with more than 5 rooms (Yes, this was a bug.)
  • HUD disappears in spectator mode.
  • Checkpoints disappear in spectator mode.
  • Spectator mode now uses correct camera angle (from player you spectate)
  • Result screen should now show up a bit longer (based on amount of results shown).
  • Minor bug fixes.

Intelligent Design

When creating a room, you now have the option to turn off the “allow god mode” option. This way it’s possible to have rooms where everyone adheres to drone destruction mayhem. Keeping the option on will still allow you to turn god mode off as a personal preference, while other players can decide to keep god mode on.

Liftoff Arena has been on a Trip

By now, everyone who played the Liftoff multiplayer is well aware of the now famous Liftoff Arena room that won’t die. It’s kept alive by a brave, silent but most of all resilient host who has been defending his throne since the release of the multiplayer. With this update his reign has ended as our team embarked on a mission to take his throne and once again become ruler of our Game of Drones.

Hosts who are inactive in a public room for 5 minutes get kicked out of the room. This rule does not apply to private rooms.