Update 0.4.2 released!

Update 0.4.2 released!

While the work on multiplayer is ongoing, the other team members have not been idle. We are sure this update will make our track designers happy!

Change list

  • Added The Drawing Board environment.
  • Option to switch between metric and imperial units.
  • Removed the ability to build outside the fly zone.
  • Added an option to record and play full race ghosts data.
  • Floaty mode: move in three dimensions and build higher in the Track Builder
  • Minor bug fixes

Floaty Mode 😉

It’s now possible to move your camera in three dimensions in the track building tool. By double tapping the jump button (bound by default to space bar). Once you are in Floaty mode you will move in the direction the camera is looking. Thanks to this feature it should be easy to build higher and get a bird’s eye overview of the track you are designing.

Drawing Board

Inspired by our good friends at BMSweb, we want to improve the ability of Liftoff to be a real track design tool and not just a simulator game only. This is why, in 0.4.2 we now have The Drawing Board environment, the perfect canvas to design your virtual and real-life race tracks on.  It’s a huge and completely flat environment with a useful design grid, perfect for designing, fine-tuning and testing out new track designs.  In the game options you can change the grid units from metric to imperial units.

Full race ghost mode

In the same game options you might notice you can now do Full Race ghost recording!
In this mode we keep track of your last 20 races and pick the fastest five that you flew in the same race and environment. These ghosts will fly the whole race together with you. In future updates we will provide a system to share recordings with each other, but for now you can enjoy the excitement of being better than yourself. It’s also a great tool to improve your lap times as you can start a race and inspect your previous flight from a higher point of view.


The Intel HD 3000 crash issue

Since update 0.4.1, we have received a number of reports of Liftoff users encountering a crash. With their help, we have managed to identify the problem. We’ve written a blog post to explain what’s going on and provide alternatives for those affected by the issue. Read all about it here.