Update 0.3.6 released!

Update 0.3.6 released!

Update 0.3.6 is a big one! It includes many things our community has been asking for, including flight behaviour, music options, track building features and extra drone parts to play with.

Behind the scenes many other aspects of the game are progressing well. Especially our work on multiplayer features is starting to show results and we hope to share them with you soon.

Last but not least: we are happy to welcome a new member to the LuGus team! Jan is an amazing code wizard who will help us to speed up development on Liftoff.


  • Added music player, which allows you to import custom music
  • Changed flight behaviour: drag adapts to orientation and state of drone.
  • Added track building feature: tapes
  • Slightly updated drone motor sounds
  • Changed propeller damage behaviour
  • Changed Pine Valley ground foliage
  • Added a Track and Race for Pine Valley
  • Removed static tapes in Minus Two
  • Added 3 motors to Workbench
  • Added 1 battery to Workbench
  • Added 3 propellers to Workbench
  • Added icons for controls menus
  • Fixed minor bugs

Music player

Tired of listening to the same Liftoff soundtrack over and over again? Liftoff now has the ability to play custom music tracks in the game and menus. You can place your music in a specific folder and Liftoff will automatically scan the folder for music and play them. Check the documentation on how to get your music in the game. If you ever get tired of your own music or simply love the Liftoff soundtrack, you can toggle the which music to play in the audio options menu. However, one small limitation is that only .wav and .ogg files are supported. This is due to a limitation of our game engine, which does not directly support loading .mp3 files on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux because of license restrictions on the mp3 file format. We also added a new button to the menu, which will occasionaly display the currently playing music. Clicking the button will skip the current song and start the next one.

Custom Music Instructions


  1. Gerald


  2. Leo

    Good Update 😉

  3. Bludz

    Thank you sooooo much for the prop damage changes. So sick of leaves and grass breaking the carbon fiber props.

  4. Devon

    So far enjoying the changes, thanks for the update!

    “Check the documentation on how to get your music in the game.”
    I will, as soon as I figure out where this documentation is ?

  5. Devon

    …. and I found it immediately after posting! Go me!

  6. ON-X FPV

    While I like the idea of seeing what song is playing in-game, to me it’s not worth the effort converting my entire FPV playlist since I can just alt-tab to my own music player (which is essentially the same as pausing the game). Apart from that, everything else is sounding really awesome and I’m excited to hear more about multiplayer! Keep up the good work guys. 🙂