Update 0.3.5 released!

Update 0.3.5 released!

As some of you have noticed, version 0.3.3 introduced some unexpected issues, which we didn’t encounter during our internal testing. The following 0.3.4 release fixed some of them, but at the moment we are still hunting for some little insidious bugs crawling around in our code.

The last couple of days all our efforts have gone to finding the issues and trying to fix them. So far we have been unlucky in reproducing the bugs on or studio’s PC’s and Macs but with the help of the community we are getting closer to a solution.
With the 0.3.5 release we take a next step in resolving the problems.

First results

We’ve made some progress with the controller preset issue. In the controller preset file, we store the name of the controller the preset was made for. However, some controllers apparently return invalid characters. We’ve implemented a way to automatically remove these characters from the file, which should hopefully alleviate the problem in the next update. Unfortunately, we’ve not yet managed to reproduce a single instance of tracks going missing in the way described here and elsewhere. Could people experiencing this problem post the tracks they suspect are failing to load? Send your finding to  Thanks in advance!

About sending feedback

Additionally, you can also give us a concrete description of the exact problem you are experiencing. An objective, step-by-step reproduction is invaluable for us to hunt down and fix issues. Here’s some guidelines for how to describe reproduction scenarios:

  • What were you doing exactly when the problem occurred? (E.g. I had just started up the game and entered the Free Flight menu.)
  • What were you expecting to happen? (E.g. A number of environments should show up, after which I should be able to pick a custom track.)
  • What actually happened? (E.g. None of the custom tracks show up and the menus stays white.)
  • How can I reproduce it? (E.g. Add at least one custom track to the game and try to start Free Flight mode.)

Thanks for your support and apologies for the inconvenience.


  1. Bernard

    Hey I still experiencing blank screen at the selection page for the track any solution to it ?

    1. JohnRambozo

      Bernard: I had this same issue. You need to delete all downloaded tracks.

  2. Ivan4j

    For the 0.3.4 update, I noticed theses invalid characters in the new xml created, so I had to replace tag values having the same tag name (between xml files) in order to get my controller working properly, it worked. I replaced tag values from the new .xml preset previously created to the “System.xml” (don’t remember the exact name). I didn’t replace preset name and description from “System.xml”, I left original ones.

  3. David

    In my case, I´ve found:

    – why in free mode don’t appear the tracks.
    – why the first time I do click on track doesn’t appear.
    – why the buildtracker doesn´t work.

    This is because some tracks are bugged or something like that with the new patch 0.3.3. Therefore, you have to remove the track that creates conlict.

    I’ve removed these tracks: Charcoal Race, Ground, Loops, Multi, NeatRace, Practise, Sonikk, Triangularr, Uttone and Uttwo.

    After that, all were ok. Now, I can play with the others tracks and use the buildtracker again.

    (I have not tested this with 0.3.5 patch.)

  4. Ferrett

    I have found this issue resulted from additional lines of text in the xml file for the file in the Tracks folder. I compared a working downloaded track to one that caused the issue. Removed the offending differences in the code and those that didn’t work, began to work. If only one track.xml file in the Tracks folder has bad xml code, it affects all downloaded maps. Now all the downloaded maps work in the game.

  5. Jawa

    Not related to the controller issue, but I would like the ability to change the colors in the menus. It’s very hard for me to see some of the text with white lettering on very light background. The Training level is the same for me ar least, some of the colors appear too bright on my screen no matter how I set my brightness etc. It’s hard to see some of the corners and tell which is wall and floor. Maybe it’s because I’m running in “fastest” graphics mode due to my slow laptop, but otherwise I’m loving the sim. You guys are doing great work. Getting very close to the real thing!

    1. Gavin Mead

      Hi, I agree with Jawa… the font colour is really hard to see in some screens… I need to quit and go out to be able to see the menu options i some cases…?? More contrast or just even larger menu size would help.?

      Agree, great stuff so far..few more tweaks….keep up the good work..

  6. Caleb

    I cannot edit any drones, when I click something to edit the edit bar across the top disappears. It never zooms in to what I selected and the box to select different items never appears.

  7. danny

    i cant open settings so cant select controller or do any changes so cant ply the game

  8. Robert DeNova

    The version number is very hard to see also…


    About 4 hours in the screen micro’sized itself and I cannot find a way to enlarge the window. I was playing in “windowed frame ” mode when the screen simply went to 1/2 inch tall by 2 1/2 inches wide. Any suggestions? I uninstalled Steam and “liftoff” then installed Steam. When “liftoff” installed I clicked play and the same tiny screen appeared with no way to change the window size . I can see a tiny sliver of the Simulator running credits and have full audio but cant play. Looking for suggestions.