Update 0.3.4 released!

Update 0.3.4 released!

Yesterday’s update has been a big step forward in our efforts to improve the user experience. Unfortunately,  every big update also potentially introduces some weird and crazy bugs. We test every update before release, but there are always some issues that pop up on player systems that we didn’t come across on our own PC and Mac setups. Today’s update can be considered a quick fix for some of these issues. Meanwhile we’ll continue trying to reproduce problems and the remaining issues will hopefully be fixed in the next update.

To thank you for your bug reporting efforts, we throw in another environment for you to fly in! We welcome you in the Liftoff Arena!


  • Added ability to select a custom spawn point in Free Flight if your Track contains any.
  • Fixed drone position in workbench.
  • Updated StrawBaleTrack01
  • New environment: Liftoff Arena
  • Added two tracks and one race to Liftoff Arena
  • Fixed some minor bugs


  1. Jocelyn Da Prato

    Hi there, thx for fast respond. But today, the Preset “choice” window as gone, simply. Clicking Preset button, makes nothing. So Xbox controller impossible to play. I tried to calibrated it manually. While the calibration is seams to understand the analogs, seams to work. Than saving broke all. I’ll test with my Turnigy 9XR Pro tonight, letting you know.

    1. Jocelyn Da Prato

      Reply to myself; Yae, 9Xr Pro sell setup, worked fine.

      1. Jocelyn Da Prato

        * well setup

  2. Clint Kennedy

    Any chance adjusting the height requirement for the arena? If we put freestyle structures in we need to fly outside to dive into them. You can limit the outside barriers to co exist with the shape of the roof. Just let us fly up high outside of the arena.

  3. Ferrett

    Straw Bale – loaded but would not fly
    Pine Valley – Loaded, flyable
    Minus Two – Would not load
    Autumn Fields – Loaded but would not fly
    Hangar C03 – Loaded, flyable
    Liftoff Arena – Would not load

    1. Ferrett

      Ah ha! Selecting the map a second time get’s it to load, flyable. Same for the others I mentioned that were not flyable.

      1. Ferrett

        Still can’t get Arena to be flyable, it loads but sits there with stick movements showing…

        1. LuGusStudios

          did you arm the drone?

          1. Ferrett

            Well, if we have to arm it now in this new version, I didn’t read that anyplace. Besides – there is no need to arm it in the maps that are flyable….I notice you select map and it used to go to the levels of the map. Now you select the map, the bar stays at the top and you have to select the level to get the map to load. What happened to selecting the map and it brings up the levels to select automatically? Some-ting-wong still…

  4. Ferrett

    Click Free Flight – map choices show up with selection bar at top
    Select map – Straw Bail – Map choices go away – Selection bar at top stays
    Click Select Level – Map choices reappear
    Reselect Straw Bail and level choices appear
    Select level – game begins – If it is a no track map, it flys – If it is a level with a track, it does not fly. This is the same for Straw Bail and Arena.

    Hope this info is helping you guys, thanks for the updates!

    1. Ferrett

      Problem resolved – I had a Tracks folder containing some previously built tracks in it. Once I removed the Tracks folder, the game worked perfectly.

      Running Liftoff on a second computer in the house with no modded tracks in it, the game worked as expected. It then failed the same way this computer did once I added the modded tracks. This is what prompted me to remove the tracks folder to fix the game.

  5. Ferrett

    Two of 8 tracks in the Tracks folder had corrupted files. All other modded tracks also working now.

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  7. Phil Smith

    So I purchased the game a few weeks ago and it seems I’m still in the testing version? How can I get these updates? I’m just playing with the original 3 maps 🙁

    1. LuGusStudios

      Sounds like you might not have automatic updates turned on on Steam. This link might help: