Version 0.3.1 (quickfix) released!

Version 0.3.1 (quickfix) released!

Yesterday’s milestone release was a big success! Yet, as always some small things can go wrong too. That’s why we made it a priority to fix a couple of things as soon as possible. We are happy to release version 0.3.1.

This update includes

  • Improved handling of checkpoints. Missing a checkpoint when flying through it at high speed should now be extremely rare, if it happens at all.
  • The Environment, Track and Race selectors should be more robust. They will no longer freeze if any of your custom made files cannot be parsed.
  • Reset when the quad is stuck upside down no longer triggers repeatedly.


  1. Ferrett

    Thanks for the program updates and updated info you guys put out about the overall progress. Would love to see more available maps and if you need a map maker…

  2. zitronic

    Hi, I am having some problems since this update:

    – When I select “race” on the main menu it will show this screen with nothing enabled:

    – When I select “free flight”, then Choose an scenerio and try to load a track it shows an empty screen again.
    The next time I enter it will load normally.

    – When I finally enter on Free flight mode and I load a track with airgates and race stuff it will not show anything at all, just the empty field as in the basic track.

    – Bug reporting freezes on the las step and does nothing even if I wait for 5 minutes.

    I hope you can fix this things soon.