Meet KrazyK, she’s 11 and on her way to becoming a professional drone pilote! Her first steps into the world of FPV done racing are amazing. Fortunately, she had some help from her proud dad Chris and practiced flying in Liftoff before going out with a real quad.

We are big fans already, keep em coming, KrazyK!

Practicing in Liftoff:


Her first ever flight with a real drone:

There’s much more!
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  1. Chris "Hazak" Haskins

    So proud of you KrazyK 🙂

  2. Chuck Durham

    Krazy K is amazing – you are going to be seeing that name on the leaderboard at the top FPV racing events soon. She shows what focused hard work can do and the value of a good simulator like LiftOff can translate to real world skills – first time I have seen anyone fly like that first time out – Lets see if her dad can keep up

  3. Cadence Haskins

    More Drone racing yesterday! 🙂

  4. Zachary

    KrazyK cant wait till you and my son whos is 5 and yes he does fly Rate mode and he loves LiftOff too. You and him will make a video im sure your dad and I already talked. He us just now about to start racing im a group buy he is very shy. Hehe. Great job flying keep up the good work

  5. Ferrett

    This is really great! Kudos to your Dad!!