Best wishes for 2016 from the Liftoff team. 2016 will be the year of Liftoff, with exciting new features and content to be added on a regular basis. We start with the first update of the year: 0.2.3 and are already hard at work on the next update too!
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This update includes:

  • Changes to drone steering behaviour at low and high throttle. We’ve worked together with BorisB (BetaFlight) to solve some issues with flight behaviour. We focussed mainly on the steering behaviour at low and high throttle. Due to changes in the internals of our flight controller, the numerical range of the PID values has changed. People who have changed their PID values from the default values should keep this in mind (The values are now much lower than before).
  • A new category of items, “Structures”, has been added to the Track Builder. It currently contains several light rigging pieces which snap to each other and rotate in fixed steps.
  • Another attempt has been made to remedy the crashes in the Workbench that some players are experiencing. We will await feedback on this.

About this gravity thing…

We are still looking at the cause of the “floaty” behaviour reported by some players. Many people are suggesting that we change gravity, but this is not an option at this point. We want the game to be as realistic as possible, but changing real-world constants — such as gravity — would just lead us further away from that goal. Changing gravity would not only be throwing in the towel, but would likely also cause other undesired side effects. The reason behind the floatiness must be elsewhere. We will continue to tackle issues (such as the changes to steering included in this update) until, by process of elimination, we get it completely right.


  1. fftunes

    Does the simulation account for aerodynamic effects of the frame in fast forward flight?
    – Nose down: copter gets pushed down
    – Nose up: copter floats on air, even with very low throttle

    1. LuGusStudios

      Not yet, it’s part of why we think people talk about a “floaty” feel.

      1. ikkleh

        That’s exactly what I was thinking, should be easy enough to apply a force associated with the pitch of the quad / frame drag relative to it’s direction of travel. I did a similar thing in Unity once, I would dig out the code but I’m sure you guys won’t need it 😉 It’s a great sim

  2. goeland86

    I’m a happy tester of the pre-release version, and on top of a beginner quad-pilot, a software engineer. I’d love to be able to give you guys some detailed feedback if/when I run into issues. How would I go about that?

    Also, will there be a port of lift-off to, say, Linux (SteamOS)? I try to avoid Windows as much as possible, but I make an exception for good software (like Liftoff will be, I’m sure!) I’m just curious about some of the long-term technical goals/challenges you guys are looking at.

    1. LuGusStudios

      Thanks for the compliments! We have a feedback tool in the game, that’s likely the easiest way of doing this.
      We’ve finished making an Ubuntu/SteamOS machine at the studio. This will enable us to look at a Linux version for Liftoff in the future. Don’t expect it anytime soon yet, just know that we are definitely taking efforts in getting it done at one point.

  3. Mike

    Love the last update. After tinkering with the rates and PIDs, the quad’s behavior has improved by a lot. One thing I’d personally like to see changed though apart from the ‘gravity’ thing is the PID settings. Currently, I have mine set very low and is not near Cleanflight/betaflight’s default PID values. Other than that, you guys are doing a superb job. Keep it up.

    1. Henry Howeson

      Maybe they should have it so that what ever the PID values you enter are divided by 2.36 before they are used so that we can enter the same PIDs we would use on cleanflight. That would make much more sense.

  4. Ryan McDonald

    Hello all, I just wanted to bring up the point that gravity is 9.8m/s^2 which means you will get exponentially faster until you reach terminal velocity based on the weight, maybe there is somewhere in the code you can change this. Also I’m having issues calibrating my Taranis which i would like to see fixed in the next update.


  5. chris


    I have a problem with Lift Off since the new update. After trying the free version, I bought the “full early access” version over steam and I was able to use the function “race” in the singleplayer modus. After the update the race button is now shown grayed and is not accessable any more. I couldn’t find anything in the steam forums and neither in the “patch” notes.

    Is this on purpose or went something wrong?

    kind regards

    1. LuGusStudios

      The game doesn’t have a free version and a race mode is being worked on as we speak.