Milestone 0.2.0 released!

Milestone 0.2.0 released!

Our first big milestone update is ready!
The team at LuGus Studios has been hard at work to bring you the first edition of the track builder, a tool that enables you to build your own racing tracks in Liftoff. As with every new feature in Early Access, this track builder is not final and is still subject to change.

This update includes

  • Added track building tool
  • Track saving and loading functionality
  • Added track objects
  • Added 3 tracks
  • Added Autumn Fields environment
  • God mode
  • Virtual joystick option


Build and share

You can build tracks in the existing environments and test them in freeflight mode.  In order to build a track make sure to check your button settings. Building tracks can be done by running around in te environment in first person view.  Select the right object and place them in the environment.

Though we don’t have a sharing system implemented yet, you can find your tracks in the game directory as XML files, and share them with friends. Just place the XML file in the existing ”Tracks” folder. We hope to release a share function in a future update.


Environment and more

Other than the track builder this update includes a new environment: an open nature environment, Autumn Fields, which happens to be a perfect fit for creating new tracks.
Additionally, the updates include a god mode that makes your drone indestructible and a virtual joystick to show the stick movements on the screen as a special request from Youtubers.


  1. benoit

    Where can we download that update please ?

    1. LuGusStudios

      It’s automatic on Steam

    2. Josh

      If it doesn’t automatically download the update, find the game in your steam library, right click, go to properties, go to Local Files, then select ‘Varify integrity of cache ‘

      1. LuGusStudios

        You are completely right josh, thanks!

        1. james Bozman

          Followed these directions to add Autumn Fields, but still not available. I only have hay field, pine forest and garage. Am I missing something?

          1. james Bozman

            Found it in the “Race” section.

          2. LuGusStudios

            Scroll to the right in the menu.

  2. RoToR

    Really nice job guys !

    Just a little question, will we be able to create our own map in the futur ? And if yes, will we be able too to create our own mod like a new gameplay mod ? For example a capture the flag mod with 2 teams etc ?

    Good jobs guys !

  3. Pedro

    The music is great but after a while you want the hear something else.
    Is there more music coming up?
    ? Up for the musician.
    Track builder is awesome btw.

    1. LuGusStudios

      Yes we hope to include more music and even a music player with the ability to upload your own music 🙂

  4. Bjorn

    Really nice update guys! The best FPV simulator i have seen so far 🙂

    1. LuGusStudios

      Thanks man, we appreciate it!

  5. Jay

    How about a fix for the workbench crashing the game?

    1. LuGusStudios

      It’s our next focus point. We think it might have something to do with graphics cards not supporting some of the effects on the workbench.

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