Meet Jack, a talented game Youtuber with a 19K subscribers channel.

Move over Call of Duty, FPV racing is my new game!

…he said as he started playing Liftoff. Jack wants to become a world class FPV racer and starts this mission by doing what he is good at: gaming.

In his first video he tells his followers about the new direction he’s going to explore with his channel: an exciting journey into the world of FPV racing.

In the first week after his announcement, he made 3 videos documenting his journey into the FPV drone racing world. With every video, the team at LuGus Studios gets more excited. We love watching his videos and are happy to share them with the Liftoff community. We can’t wait to see his first real-life drone videos in the near future.

These are just the first of many videos Jack is going to produce.
Thanks for sharing your experience!