Update 13/11/2015 released!

Update 13/11/2015  released!

The next Liftoff update is ready for you to download and enjoy! This second update is a perfect example of our update philosophy. We’ll try to keep a nice balance between fixing bugs and issues and adding new content and features. Of course, we try to get these updates out as soon as possible and try to address as many issues as possible.

We appreciate all the efforts you guys do for us. We’ve received hundreds of detailed feedback reports. We look at all of them and hope to address them all at some point in time. Please remember that some things will take more time than others. If your issue doesn’t get fixed in the update, it doesn’t mean we are ignoring it. We try to prioritize our update goals based on necessity, available time and our overall development milestones.

Anyway, enjoy this new update!

This update includes:

    • Further tweaked gravity and drag in simulation (more feedback needed)
    • Added windowed mode option
    • Camera angle feature in workbench, no more .xml hacking needed
    • Fixed frame issue in front of camera
    • Added ability to select different drone sets
    • Added Vortex 250 Pro
    • Added Vortex 250 Metall Danny
    • Updated Vortex camera model
    • Added 2 new motors in workbench
    • Added 2 new propellers in workbench
    • Some performance work on the workbench




  1. Eason

    Hi, would you guys allow different drone other than vortex drones in your simulator?

    1. LuGusStudios

      Yes! 🙂

      1. Eason

        haha, awesome!, if is gonna be in the near future?, We talking about weeks/months?

      2. Eason

        Can’t wait Lol

        1. lukim

          ZMR (CAD files should be available somewhere)
          and Krieger! would be awesome!

  2. Goodoasis

    chnage Flight mod directly on transmitter and more. Can use all off channel

  3. Thomas

    Guys, I have bought your game and noticed that it doesn’t work with the Phoenix Sim cable…. Futaba /Spektrum guy… What should I do?

    1. Greg

      I also have a Futaba radio and am using the Phoenix Sim cable and it doesn’t work. I have read some other comments by people using spectrum which does seem to work. Is there a way to use a Futaba?

      1. Mike

        I just bought the game and I’m using my Xbox controler right now. I do have a Spectrum DX9 that I would like to use but not sure how or what to get to make this happen….any suggestions would be great!!

        Thanks and keep up the good work.

  4. Thomas

    I can not use the feedback function, because the font is too small and illegible. So I have to have your say me here.

    Sorry, I use Google translator.

    The menu is not working properly. It bounces wherever it wants. So you can select nothing or only with great difficulty.

    YAW in ACRO mode. With use Yaw the horizon tilts too extreme. That’s not natural and barely flyable.

    In stabilizing mode, the sound of the engines goes crazy. He also sounds extremely unnatural in the entire game.

    The camera tilt is too extreme. You have to adjust themselves to.

    The touches lead to fast end of flight. It’s annoying and in real time you can even touch anything. It seems to me as if before the leeway to also touch too tight. The gates have to fly through exactly in the middle. This is not real.

    Many thanks

  5. Jay

    I’m also having issues getting Phoenix Sim cable and Spektrum radio. Will Liftoff work with the RealSim transmitter?

  6. Erik

    Hoi guys,

    waiting to this great Stuff very excited!
    Make it bigger better greater ….

    Vorte 1 was for my “gusto” to filigran.
    The Vortex pro looks way more stable …

    i am infected of this crazy stuff

    Peacefull greatings from Ger,


  7. Sean

    I have two vortexes
    just got your game suggestion would be. The sound of the props is too low volume and too high pitch. They sound like 4″ props not 6″ props, make it deeper sounding.
    And full speed is too slow.
    How about a osd with speed, altitude and amp draw. Let us choose between multiple osds
    I’m guessing vortex top speed is 55 mph all stock with 1300 60c 4s – 5×4.5×3 props
    Maybe have floating mid air rings to go through
    And when you go too low at speed and clip the ground make it flip uncontrollably.
    And show a picture of a busted quad haha. Depending on how fast you were going.

    1. LuGusStudios

      Great suggestions, thanks!

  8. sam

    hey guys would love a thug 180 frame

  9. Speednissen

    I have notice on my Spektrum 8i that i nedd to turn off the Aux2 and Aux3 channel witch will only make some interfearence . No it work perfect with the trainer/USB cabel

  10. Randdog

    I have a real nice Dell Alienware ware gaming laptop with a real good graphic card and I cant access WorkBench. Every time i try it shuts down LiftOff.

    Any suggestions??

    1. LuGusStudios

      We are looking for a solution.