The morning after

The morning after

Wow, just wow!
After months of hard work, Liftoff Early Access is finally out on Steam and reactions are amazing. The biggest compliment a developer can get is to slowly see a cool community grow around a game, for which we are really grateful.

A big thanks to our friends at ImmersionRC and Fat Shark who supported us to make this happen! Furthermore a big thanks to you guys; the community has been very good to us from the beginning and we hope we can repay you all with a continued support and an awesome end result. We’ll make it happen together!

First fixes!

A first release wouldn’t be exciting to a developer if some unexpected issues didn’t pop up. Some of our Mac users seemed to have problems downloading the game on Steam. We managed to fix the problem some two hours after release and are happy our Mac friends can now play Liftoff too! Thanks for being patient with us.

As promised we’ll keep updating Liftoff until it’s perfect. Our first update is planned for today, addressing some of the key issues people reported. This is only possible with the feedback we got from the players, so keep it coming!

This first update will include the following things:

  • Gravity changes: you’re not on the moon anymore 😉
  • Feedback tool is now functional
  • Intensity of camera noise has been adjusted
  • Options menu now includes toggles for drone OSD and default value of camera noise
  • Maximum flying height in Straw Bale and Pine Valley environment has increased by some 20 meters

Of course there are many more fixes and updates to come in the future. At the moment we are focusing on usability issues and getting a camera angle feature in the game. For those of you who just can’t wait, it’s already possible to “hack” the player.xml file to mod the camera angle. Obviously, doing so is at your own risk. Changing this file might break your game if you are not careful, so make backups. We hope to get this feature fully integrated this week!


One of the best aspect of the drone community is the great camaraderie and openness. Everyone is ready to help newcomers! We would love to support this atmosphere with Liftoff too.

We are currently getting a lot of questions about hardware. Unfortunately, we are “only” software developers and don’t have access to the hundreds of different hardware setups people are using. It’s not always easy to get the right answers immediately and that’s why we need your help!

As a pro Liftoff gamer you can do us an enormous favor by sharing your experiences and writing helpful User Guides on Steam for new players. How do I get my Fat Shark hooked up to Windows 7? How do I use my controller on a Mac? We would love to see community based instructions like this one to help us out. Community members who write the best user guides will be rewarded with free Liftoff Steam keys to share with friends. We’ll also be looking at giving some users moderator rights on our Steam community.


  1. leon

    the game is awesome keep up the good work and maybe a few ideas for something when you enter the workbench that building behand it please that would be an awesome map and the thing of when you lightly hit the ground it resets you its just not possible to slide on the floor it would be awesome if that was possible

  2. David Freestone

    I love this game. I’m new to quad racing and have not had much time behind my sticks to learn flying and really feel like this is going to help me get through winter with continued experience so next year when the snow is gone I will be ready to rip some balls!

  3. HawkMan

    You say you have tested this game on fatshark goggles.

    What is the best and easiest way to get PC output to fatshark goggles for the game ?
    Maybe write a blog or guide for this with links to some products to make it work the cheapest and the best ?

      1. Paul

        I got one like that but its not working going to my predator 2

      2. Paul

        Can you explain how you have your goggles hooked up I have a HDMI to RCA converter also and using predator version 2 goggles with the plugin RCA cord but can’t get output to the goggles Thanks

  4. nickb2513

    Absolutely awsome guys! I bought it yesterday as soon as I got in from work!
    All the fixes you mention above will be a massive improvement and I’m sure all the updates you release will be awsome!

    The gravity thing was my main bug bear but you’ve sorted it today!

    Thank you

  5. Nico

    Great job!
    I tryed to connect my joystick to the game and it didn’t work 🙁 same for connectig my DX18 Spectrum.
    I’m not an engenieer but the menu is not so help full to follow the way to connect differant contole with the game

    Thank’s in advance!

  6. Mike

    I’m pretty happy with it so far. My feedback would be to allow the vortex to slide or just not crash every time you hit the ground.

  7. willvi

    Great stuff guys. Took awhile to get my radio calibrated but all sorted this morning. Look forward to putting some stick time into this game and fly along for the ride as it improves.

  8. Kruel

    Add the option to reverse the output of channels or axis, the Interlink elite is reversed on the throttle and the game does not let you change it. Makes it unusable.

  9. Cyril

    Can’t calibrate my controller. I’m using a Jeti DS16 transmitter directly connected by USB.
    I can use only the half of stick curse after calibration. Roll axis cann’t be discover…
    I’ve try with a microsoft sidewinder joystick and have the same result….
    With the DS16, all seems correct for calibration in the Windows control panel.
    Using Win10…

  10. Ed Scott

    Can you please add Angle mode.

  11. Simon

    I know Fat Shark are involved but could you put in a training mode that omits the goggles so newbies such as myself can learn nose in control ect. Cheers