Early Access, what to expect?

Early Access, what to expect?

With the release of the first Early Access version coming up in a couple of days, it’s time to share some more details with our amazing community.  We’ve added a new page to our website specifically for the Early Access release, this page will receive more updates in the coming days!


What to expect?

As gamers we are big fans of an open approach to game development. To create the best game possible we want to let the gaming community participate in the decision-making. In this way, we aim to collect all the information we need to improve and expand the current version of Liftoff. We plan to actively engage with the players and we are open to feedback and suggestions. To make good on that promise, the Early Access version will include an easy-to-use feedback tool, to share your feedback “on the fly”. 😉

However, be warned: If you are someone who enjoys a solid polished product we don’t recommend the Early Access version of the game. Early Access is only for those who are willing to invest in a project early on and are prepared to deal with all the little teething problems that are inherent in game production. While getting involved as early as possible might be exciting, we would recommend most players to wait for the full experience.  Everything released under the Early Access program is to be considered work in progress and may not represent the final product.


Early Access key features

  • Free flight mode
  • A complex flight simulation
  • Flight physics based on drone components
  • Flight controller settings
  • Level and Acro flight mode
  • FPV signal loss based on environment
  • FPV camera noise and distortion
  • Basic damage simulation and crash effects
  • Basic character animation implementation: Fat Shark
  • Basic tutorial level
  • 3 environments: Straw Bale, Pine Valley, Minus Two
  • Workbench: modify your drone
  • Vortex frame
  • First batch of propellers, batteries, motors
  • RC remote and game controller support
  • Input calibration tool
  • Input presets for several common controllers
  • Key mapping
  • First version of menu, interface and soundtrack
  • Graphics and audio settings
  • In-game feedback tool



Even after multiple Facebook posts, tweets, mails and a detailed blog post, this is still the most frequently asked question. While the answer isn’t particularly hard to find, the question is also obviously the biggest compliment we can get. It means people are really excited about Liftoff, which we we appreciate a lot! 😀

To answer it one more time: we will press the submit button on the 8th of November…

Here’s the bad news: we noticed Valve doesn’t work during weekends, so we are not exactly sure when they’ll push our release build to the Steam store. We expect it to be available for everyone about a day later, on Monday the 9th of November. So why did we aim for the weekend? Well, we want to get our local drone racing team, Drone Racing Belgium involved, and on that particular day, they have an exciting race event near our studio. Naturally we want them to be part of the “button pressing”! 😉



Everyone brave enough to try out a work-in-progress product and share feedback with us deserves a discount in our opinion. The Early Access version will be sold for €19,99. The full release will likely be €29,99. When you buy the Early Access version, you will receive all future updates for the main game at no extra cost (except for any expansions or DLC).


Straw Bale?

We’ve always talked about 2 environments for the first Early Access release: Pine Valley and Minus Two, but our feature list up there mentions another level. We are happy to reveal we are including a third environment for the first Early Access release. The goal with this extra environment was to have an open setting with fewer obstacles for those in speed rather than technical expertise.

StrawBale01                     StrawBale02


  1. Bill

    i cannot find it on steam

    1. Eastcoast78

      It’s only the 5th. They stated monday the 9th…

  2. Juan

    What is the system requirements to be able to play ?

    1. LuGusStudios

      We are still doing optimisation work, so nothing set in stone yet. We’ll share this information asap.

  3. Chris Plancich

    I’m really looking forward to liftoff. I’ve been checking the Liftoff Facebook page daily. I can’t wait to try out the early access and help with some input.

  4. nickb2513

    This looks absolutely awsome guys!! I’ll deffo be buying the early access game!!!
    Perfect timing too as we go into winter weather.

    Thank you liftoff team for developing this

  5. Frank

    Yes i WANT the Early Access 😀

  6. Jason Eaton

    I can’t wait! I know our community will be all over this! I’ll be tweeting and facebook-ing all weekend in anticipation as I’m sure will our 3000 followers! You may want to include a link on Steam of where people can purchase a dongle for they’re TX’s!!!

    1. LuGusStudios

      Thanks Jason, we appreciate this a lot! 🙂

  7. Edouard Leurent

    Congratulations for your awesome work, guys !
    I watched your first trailer video a few months ago, and I was so enthusiastic that I realized I couldn’t wait for the late 2015 release and decided to try and make my own FPV racing simulator (KestrelFPV) in the meantime.
    I want to thank you for having been such an inspiration for me, something that I could look up to, and now that the wait is almost over I am looking forward to pushing the throttle on the Early Access !

    1. LuGusStudios

      Thanks for the kind words! Good luck with your project 🙂

  8. Team KloPPoKoPPter

    …still pressing F5… nope, not yet…
    We can’t wait for the first look at your work! The program looks very promising, we hope it hadles as good as it looks 😉
    Hopefully there will be more frames and drive components availiable in the future.

    We wish you guys good luck with your project! This is just what the racing scene needs in the upcoming winter!

  9. Team Racen Bunch Cologne

    Hey from CGN!
    LiftOff really looks sweet, we all can’t wait to get our hands on it! Keep it up and good luck for what’s to come!

    And to the folks @Valve: It’s Monday now, even in the US, so come on and get to work, dudes 😉


    Still pressing F5 here.. but not yet at the sore(s). Still at the office right now, so when I get home I will F5’ing further 🙂

  11. Stuart

    Downloading now, can’t wait

  12. Robert

    Game is available right now. Downloaded it and playing it allready. Very awesome!
    Cant’t wait till full release. Would be nice if you can fly higher into the sky 😉

    I’ll fly some other rounds now trough the woods 🙂

  13. Naga

    I use a Spektrum DX8 and I have Phoenix with the dongle to plug it into my PC via USB.

    Will I be able to use my DX8 to fly Liftoff?

    1. Anthony

      there is an Ebay PPM to USB dongle with a switch on the side to select mode. one is apparently “Phoenix” comparable and one is joystick mode. it takes the ppm from the TX and emulates a joystick. It’s around £5.

      1. Naga

        Thanks Anthony.

        I already use such a PPM – USB dongle to fly in Phoenix. In fact, I soldered a very small receiver that outputs PPM into it and bound my Spektrum to it to give a wireless setup for Phoenix :). Once you go wireless, there is no going back!

        Interesting to know that Liftoff may work with that. I will try fiddling with the switch and see if I can get it working in Joystick mode.

        Thanks for taking the time to reply and best wishes.

    2. Alvin

      So, does liftoff work with the phoenix flight sim dongle and spektrum controller? (DX6i)
      How am I just finding out about this. Would love to try, but need to be sure I can play it.
      Happy (Virtual) flying.

  14. TiagoTiago

    How about a map on a park, with a easy to follow branching paved trail, some playground areas, and dense vegetation surrounding everything?

    And how about a mansion? Some castle ruins? A cave complex? Multilevel subway station? Construction site with a building skeleton and the occasional concrete slabs and a few excavators and stuff parked around? A skatepark? An oil rig in the middle of the ocean? The Arecibo radio-telescope?

    And how about that abandoned mall they used on Rotor DR1?

  15. Anthony

    Hi all, just installed. The natural input to hand is my Tranis X9E. I found that despite the “joystick” looks good in the USB Game controller, it is acting strange in Liftoff. I had to make a custom curve for all the stick inputs. -100,-75,-50,0. this was the only way the inputs worked for me.


  16. David Campbell

    Super interested in an abandon building/structure level for some freestyle flying. Awesome start loving the game so far.